Is T-Rex® Tape a type of duct tape?

T-Rex® Tape is a ferociously strong 17 mil duct tape made with co-extrusion technology and an extreme, thickly applied adhesive. This combination gives T-Rex® tape 4X the holding power, 3X the staying power, and 2X the bite when compared to standard duct tapes! It really does work!

Will T-Rex® Tape hold up outside?

YES! T-Rex® Tape is specially designed with a UV resistant materials which gives it dynamic holding power inside AND outside. We are proud to say that T-Rex® Tape is great for the toughest jobs both indoors and out.

I’m looking for a duct tape, is T-Rex® Tape what I want?

Not only is T-Rex® Tape ferociously strong, but it’s also easier to work with than some other premium tapes making it perfect for big or small projects around the home, work site, inside or outside.

Will T-REX Tape work in below freezing temperatures?

T-Rex® tape will freeze below 32°F but will keep its “bite” when thawed.

What temperatures will T-Rex® Tape work within?

T-Rex® Tape is best applied above 32°F.

Are there different types or sizes of T-Rex® Tape?

T-Rex® Tape is its own unique ferociously designed tape and comes in 3 useful widths and lengths. Standard 48mm x 9.14m, a longer 48mm x 27.4m, and the smaller but MIGHTY 25mm x 9.14m handy roll.

What surfaces will T-Rex® Tape work on?

The double thick, super aggressive adhesive, allows T-Rex® Tape to hold better to more surfaces than ordinary tapes. That includes rough and dirty surfaces in a wide range of temperatures and humidity.

What type of projects should I use T-Rex® Tape for?

T-Rex® Tape is the perfect tape for any project big or small. Weather it’s used for simple household fixes, or extreme industrial repairs, there’s no project too small or too ferocious.

Can T-Rex® Tape be removed?

T-Rex® Tape can be removed with some effort, though it may leave a residue in some applications. To remove residue, try using T-Rex® Tape itself to de-stick the remaining adhesive. General purpose cleaners and or rubbing alcohol will also help finish the job.

Where can I buy T-Rex® Tape?

T-Rex® Tape is available at major retailers, hardware stores and online retailers nationwide. Please see our “Where to Buy” section via our home page.

How should I store my T-Rex® Tape?

T-Rex® Tape will last longest if it’s kept in a cool dry place.

Is T-Rex® Tape waterproof?

With its ferocious construction and aggressive adhesive T-Rex® Tape will handle moisture better than regular duct tapes. Make sure you apply T-Rex® Tape when the surface is dry to get the best waterproofing performance. We also now have T-Rex® Waterproof Tape for specialist applications.

How should I use T-Rex® CLEAR Repair Tape in the wet?

Try to remove as much water from the surface as possible. Rub the tape into the surface pushing the water out from under the tape.

Is there an instant bond on T-Rex® Waterproof Tape?

On T-Rex® Waterproof Tape, yes, there is an instant bond. Depending on your application and Psi, you may want to wait 24 hours after applying the tape.

Can T-Rex® Waterproof Tape be used in a dishwasher?

We wouldn’t recommend using this product in a dishwasher.

Can you use T-Rex® Waterproof Tape with the pressure straight from a tap in the UK and Ireland?

We have used it successfully on a garden hosepipe – which is fairly high pressure, so confident you should be ok.