Phone or Tablet Repair 

On the job or on the go, accidents happen. And when it comes to technology… those are expensive accidents. But, T-Rex® Clear Repair Tape is the perfect match. Put a few pieces on the screen for a fast fix.

Patio Furniture Cover or Tent Repair 

Covers for patio furniture are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements, which can lead to rips and tears. Instead of replacing the whole cover, use T-Rex® Clear Repair Tape to cover the torn area.

Arrive on the campsite and realise your tent has a rip in it? Just use a strip of T-Rex® Clear Repair Tape to save the day!

Repair to Car or Motorbike Headlight 

Need a quick fix for a broken headlight so you can get back on the road? Look no further than T-Rex® Clear Repair Tape. All weather, waterproof technology and crystal clear construction makes this tape the perfect match for your next headlight fix.

T-Rex Super Glue Tape vs Traditional Glues and Mounting Tape 

Find out how T-Rex® Super Glue Tape compares to traditional glues, and when to use T-Rex® Super Glue Tape or T-Rex® Mounting Tape.